About Us

My Tree Planet was created in 2018 by our founder, Sean Zaboroski. 

In a sentence, the world needs less clutter and more trees!   

My Tree Planet’s mission is to provide consumers with an option to give an extra special gift/leave a memorial legacy that combats climate change and benefits the planet now and for generations to come.

Sean grew up enjoying the nature in and around Winnipeg, Canada.  He has always been caring, conscious and passionate about the preservation of nature and the environment. Over the years he has supported many environmental causes.

Sean’s vision with My Tree Planet is to alter the manner in which consumers perceive gift giving – rather than give more “stuff” that soon becomes landfill. Therefore, consumers are encouraged to give the special gift of a tree.  

Through My Tree Planet materialism and clutter can be reduced in a positive, environmentally-healthy and responsible manner. 

As a father and nature-lover, he is committed to change the way the general public thinks about consumerism and is dedicated to make our world a better place for all future generations.